Create an income with commercial travel videos:

“When I first saw this, I didn't think it was for me, but now I see it’s so fun” – Diana Ruddick


“It is surprisingly easy to do with a camera or iPhone. I’m doing a lot of videography now when I travel!” – Melanie Wood


“You said this was your favorite get-paid-to-travel opportunity and I see why.” – Elizabeth Coughlan





Watch a tutorial video to learn the ins and outs of travel videography.

You can watch the video here.





How to tell a story with your videos


If you’ve been on one of our photo expeditions with professional photographer Rich Wagner, he’ll tell you that you in order for your travel photos to tell a story, there are three different photographs you should always be on the lookout for.  They are:


1. Establishing shots


2. People shots


3. Close-ups


Professional videographer Tom Reissman says the same.


Below are several examples of still photos taken from his videos.  He says: “I’ll often start out with an aerial shot of a city, followed by a shot of a building and finally a shot inside the building with people interacting in some way.


“We call these shots establishment shots, because just like in a story, in our videos we need to establish a location.  An establishment shot is usually also a wide shot, or a shot that uses a wide angle and takes in as much of the surrounding landscape as possible.”


Here’s Example 1 of a Wide Shot from one of Tom’s videos…



And here’s another Wide Shot….



“Once we have established a location,” Tom says, “we can then get closer to our main subject and use what we call a medium shot. As you can see in the images below this usually means that we only see the upper body of a person.”


Example 1 of a Medium Shot



Example 2 of a Medium Shot



“We often see these types of shots in vacation videos, since they are quite popular with budding filmmakers. But they do not tell the full story,” Tom told me.  So that’s why there is still one more type of shot you should include in your travel videos – a shot that most amateurs neglect to create.  And that’s the close-up shot.


“Just like how when you are reading a story you are told about important details, we also want to see details in a movie or a travel video,” Tom says.


“In a movie, it’s often a close up of a part of person, such as their hands or eyes. This type of shot often conveys strong feelings and drama. Close-ups and extreme close-ups create a sense of intimacy and convey an emotion. They are usually followed and preceded by a medium or wide shot.


“One subject that particularly lends itself to close-up shots in travel videos is food. Because as we all know the eye also savors food.”


Below are two of Tom’s close-up photos from his video…


Example 1 of Close-up Shot



Example 2 of Close-up Shot



Tom says this type of shot is often missing from home videos because we don’t take the time to zoom in on the details. But they are really important pieces of a story and can create an emotional reaction in our viewers, so please include them in yours.


Here are two more he sent me that show how a close-up and medium shot can also be combined to create clips the amateur doesn’t think to create…


Example of Close-up Medium Shot Combination



As you can see, Tom got very close to a basket of croissants and the bowl of fruit, but we can also see the surrounding landscape in the background.


“This type of shot conveys how you can enjoy a lovely breakfast in a beautiful setting,” he says.


Take a look at the video below and  see how these shots work together to tell a complete story… and how shifting the focus from one to the other can take you from a close-up to a medium shot.


And note: To give you some background, this video was shot in the South of Spain for a client who operates a villa in the hills behind Alicante. They specialize in baby-friendly vacations and absolutely believe in the concept of video marketing, since this is the third time Tom has shot a video for them over the past eight years. They mainly wanted to convey that parents with babies and small children will be well looked after and that the food is a big part of their vacation.


Check out the end result here:

Tourism is an intangible product and cannot be tested before making a booking but a video can relay the feeling of being on vacation. Google, social media sites and mobile devices also raise the importance of video for tourism companies because it affects their Google ranking and allows them to engage their audience on social media sites and on mobile devices. Video production for tourism companies is therefore an expanding area and I am encouraging more people to become travel videographers.

Please have a read through this website carefully and if you think that you have what it takes and you would enjoy this life-style or even just earning a bit of money on the side then you can complete this course and get started. Once you have a couple of good sample videos you can begin pursuing paid jobs. Very simple video cameras are available from $500 and you could even use your Smarthphone or Tablet to begin with. You can also use your DSRL or micro four thirds camera for filming if you already have one. You can watch a tutorial on how to decide which video camera to buy on this page.


If you have any questions please do contact me via email or join me on Facebook.


Why video is so effective for tourism products:


Video is particularly beneficial to travel companies not only because of the intangible nature of tourism but also because over half of all travel arrangements are done via the Internet and evidently 3 out of 4 Internet users will watch videos online, with 60% of people making a purchasing decision after watching a promotional travel video.


The video revolution in travel is well under way and you can benefit by by receiving free vacations or getting paid to go on tours. You can find statistics on the use of video by online companies here and read articles on the video revolution in travel in The Age as well as statistics on the strength of mobile devices in pushing video marketing.


I had a dream of going on wildlife safaris in Africa and climb Kilimanjaro, but as you may know it’s not exactly cheap to do. I didn’t have a great camera, nor a formal education in videography, I simply had a laptop with editing software; a handy-cam and a couple of sample videos as well as a passion for travel. So I created a  number of videos in exchange for free tours, made a few phone calls to companies that operated these tours, mapped out an itinerary and ended up getting paid to go on tailor-made luxury safaris, to climb Kilimanjaro and the Atlas Mountain, to do a self-drive in South Africa and much more. And all while doing what I love, which is to capture the experience on camera. I have been shooting promotional videos ever since and decided to never go back to a 9-5 job and sit in an office all day.
Travel Sensations for video production in Germany:


Having been asked about how I got started and how I get my jobs so many times during my trips, I decided I wanted to help other people to live the same free-spirited, free-lance lifestyle, while combining their passions for travel and film. I’ve been helping people to get started for over 4 years now and the concept obviously works, but don’t take my word for it, have a look at the testimonials on the right and watch a couple of the videos these guys have made below.


I do have a formal background in tourism and that allows me to understand the industry and tourism marketing, which means I know how to convince companies to spend money on videos, because I know why it sells more of their holidays.


I will share my knowledge of the industry with you so you can get started getting paid to travel or receiving free vacations. If you think you that this could be a great way to get around then you should get the manual, which is a step-by-step guide to getting started; understanding tourism marketing; and most of all how to get jobs in the tourism industry. Anyone can do it, you just have to know how to sell the idea and how to polish your skills.


Obviously not everyone will want to quit their day job and do this full-time (although you may want to once you start, trust me you start wondering why you spent so much time locked up in an office, it happened to me after doing just 3 sample videos) and you don’t have to, you can do this part-time or even just to get the next vacation/holiday paid for. How far you go down that road is totally up to you. I will give you a road map but you decide where you wanna go from here.


If you’re not too sure about it all I am more than happy to answer your questions.


But all of the nitty-gritty details you will only get if you sit down and take the time to complete this 7-part course and try to put it into practice. Even people who already know about videography have found the courses to be extremely valuable, simply because it explains the industry and gives you all of the information you need to convince marketing directors and individual owners to spend money on a video.


Have you ever felt you wanted to know more about that resort or that trip you’re about to book and you talked to a sales person, who obviously wanted you to book the holiday, about whether this is the right thing for you and what you will be doing and how it looks? And then you arrived and you found that they really manipulated those photos to make that power line vanish and make the room look bigger or you were promised a real adventure and ended up being stuck in a bus with a bunch of lager louts and were rushed from place to place? But you have also been on some great trips and been to some beautiful hotels and resorts and you thought it was better than it looked on their website. Then you know that it’s so hard to tell what your vacation will be like based on text and still images alone. Well that’s precisely why companies with a great product will want to utilize video. There are a great number of other benefits to video than that, but that’s the main reason, and if you can get capture the beauty and the magic for them on video, then you’ve just found a way  to get paid to have some great adventures or stay in some amazing places that would be normally way above your budget. You just have to convince people that you can do it and you have to get your skills up to scratch, and I can show you how to do that.


You can order the complete course via Great Escape Publishing here.