Finding cheap or free video equipment

In this article you will find ideas on how to get a hold of free or cheap video equipment at the start of your career. 3CCD Professional Camcorder

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    Paul larkin (Thursday, 27 July 2017 15:40)

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    My Name is Paul Larkin.
    I would travel with my wife and children, across Ireland. When I do this I find myself falling in love with my country again and again. While drive thought windy country roads with beauty scenery from one bend to the next. I get desire to cycle a long these roads with a go pro stripped to my helmet. So I would like to start a travel channel that documents the roll landscape and hidden gems the my country has to offer. I have a diploma in travel and tourism and I am now studying graphic design with photographic so. I am teaching myself videography with my dlsr camera, but need help to started with help getting video equipment and other equipment. Finally if you can not please could direct me to someone who can.

    Thank you
    Paul larkin