How to Get Started as a Travel Videographer

How to Get Started as a Travel Videographer


Perhaps you are toying with the idea to try your luck as a travel videographer. You realized you have a camera that also shoots HD video and you are thinking to yourself that not only would it be great fun but also quite lucrative to create promotional travel videos for tourism companies.


So your first step will be buying a tripod with fluid a pan-head or simply adding a fluid pan-head to your existing photography tripod, which unfortunately does not work very well for smooth panning (so don’t even try, since it does not look great on a big screen!). Once you have a tripod with a fluid pan-head you can go out and practice your panning. Though you will also create beautiful video shots just keeping your camera locked in position and all your photography skills for creating compositions will come in very handy.


After you are confident that you can shoot stable images with smooth pans you will start to use video editing software. If you are a Windows user then you will have something called the Movie Maker as part of Windows Essentials. If you do not have it yet then you can download it using If you are a Mac user then you will be able to use iMovie, which you can get in the App store if you do not already have it installed. Both programs are quite straight-forward to use once you know how to import your footage, trim your clips and add music as well as titles to your work.


You are now becoming more confident in your skills and you will contact a local business, such as a hotel or restaurant, and you will offer them to create a free video so you can practice your skills in a real-world environment. Once you have created a free video you then have a showcase video and a reference, given that your client was happy with your work.


Now you can go out and sell your services to paying customers. You will either continue to look for potential clients in your area or Google for tour companies that offer the kind of trips you would like to undertake. You can contact them via the phone and follow up with an email or you can set up a personal meeting. You could also meet your future clientele at travel exhibitions, which is a great place to meet your target market. You will choose small to medium-sized companies, since they are easier to approach and you will sell them the benefits of video. You will also convince them that you are the best person for the job, since you have very attractive prices and because you create very authentic videos. You can show your reference video to your potential customers and hopefully also show them positive feedback from your last client.


Most likely you will contact your potential clients a number of times before they make a final decision, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t say yes right away. However, if you have very reasonable prices, perhaps around 400$ per video, then they will make a decision very quickly. You will eventually increase your price and be paid as much as 4000$ per video. But you will have to work your way into that price range. As a beginner low prices will get you plenty of clients and plenty of practice so that you can build up your portfolio.


So there you have it. It is that easy. So what are you waiting for? Live your dream of living abroad and become a travel videographer to finance your new life in a fun and creative way.  


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    abinash dhal (Saturday, 26 July 2014 12:52)

    I want 2 become a travel videographer so wht can i do

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    Videography Perth (Wednesday, 17 September 2014)

    Do you do a seminar? I want to know more...