How to turn videos into cash:

Want a cool job traveling the world on
someone else’s dime?


This is one of the most lucrative, and
fun ways to get there...



Hi, my name is Tom Reissmann, and I currently live in Panama.


I am going to tell you today about the very enjoyable way I finance my travels and my life overseas.


I work part-time – with three months off every summer – and I currently earn between $80,000 and $90,000 a year with this method.


This is me at work…


I use the record button on my camera to create short simple videos, as I travel the world, often on someone else’s dime.


Can you create short, simple 2-minute videos on your smartphone or camera?

I know you can because it’s as simple as pressing record and your Smartphone will actually create videos for you.


And this could change the way you travel…


There are countless companies out there willing to pay you for them!


Right now, hotels, resorts and business all over the world, need short simple videos of their rooms, the pool, the beaches and restaurants and fun things to do, to use in their marketing.


For a simple 2-minute video you can get paid anywhere from $400 - $2000… and the best, earn as much as $7000 per video.


Or instead of cash, you can trade your videos for free perks like fancy hotel rooms, guided tours, cruise packages and vacations around the world.


Maybe you’d like a fully-comped romantic weekend getaway at a top-end hotel in Costa Rica?


Or perhaps you prefer adventure travel… like an African safari or a Costa Rica jungle tour, yours at no charge and on top of that you will get paid for the finished video.



It’s a great way to expand your travel budget or supplement your retirement income, especially if you decide to live abroad.


But it’s also a nice way to see your dream destinations because you’re getting paid to be there and create little videos of all the fun things you see and do.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to tour the National Parks in Canada and the US? This was a dream of mine for years so last year, this is what I did – traveling by RV from one to the next filming videos that were used by companies, tourism agencies, and even a documentary.


Or maybe a beach in Mexico or Panama is more your thing? I’m spending a bit of time in Panama this year… so I can see why you might like to winter here or try it out as a retirement destination.



One of the best things about this opportunity is that I get to travel like this – wherever I want to go.


Costa Rica, Holland, Spain, Greece…?


Even An African Safaris and the Outback of Australia aren’t out of the question.

This opportunity has taken me all over the world to several of the planet’s most coveted locations.


Here’s how it works…


From Machu Picchu to the Sea of Cortez… Wherever your dreams take you, videos for resorts, hotels, and the tourism industry can help finance your travel experiences… and land you a fun, flexible income.


Authentic, user-generated videos help companies sell their story.

Companies want them to sell their business services.


Tourism boards want them to sell their location and vacation packages.

Safari companies want them to sell their tours.


Hotels in Costa Rica, here in Panama, and all over the world want them to attract American and European travelers. And more.


And they don’t want professional, cold videos either. They want authentic looking videos that come across as believable and real.


And that’s where you come in.


I started this business 15 years ago and I’ve managed to see most parts of the world this way including Australia, Europe, Africa, North America and now Central America.

But never back then did I see the kind of growth we’re seeing today.

Demand for video is massive.

  • A website is 53 TIMES more likely to get to page 1 of a Google search if it has video in addition to plain text.
  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.
  • 52% of people feel more secure about making a purchase when they can view a video first, and 90% of people say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in their decision process.

So even at the basic $100 a minute rate, travel businesses know they get a great return on buying these short and simple travel videos off you.


For them, a short video is a clever investment. For you – it’s a great way to earn a fun income and see the world.


And the beauty is, not many people know how to do this so the price we’re paid for these videos is still quite high.


It’s the PERFECT time to get in when work is plentiful and the income potential is at its greatest.


What’s more, new technology for our phones has made it entirely possible to do everything you need right there on your smartphone. It’s amazing. You might not even need a tripod if I tell you what I use to film these videos. You’ll be surprised what a minimal investment it is.


So that’s my offer to you today.


Choose a fun, adventure filled retirement


You can invest in a program that actually makes you “work” for your retirement income ortravel funds.


Or you can try mine risk-free today and get paid to play.


There’s never been a better time to get in.


If you have a phone and you can turn it sideways and hit that little video button, you have what it takes.


Sarita Simmons wrote to me after taking my program and said: "I've always had a passion for travel. Thanks to you, producing travel videos is no longer intimidating, I know I can do this!"


And Melanie Wood another satisfied customer said: “It is surprisingly easy to do with a camera or iPhone. I’m doing a lot of videography now when I travel!”


Julia Cole did what I told her in the program and sent me this note about her first success and how easy it was: “Back in October, I took a leap and pitched a travel video to the owners of a cabin-lodging property. I had stayed there, three years before, and met the owners. I don't think they actually remembered me when I called but, amazingly, they agreed to comp 1/2 my 3-night stay in exchange for the video.”


And Dede Sindelar sent me the following:


“I began my adventure with a vacation rental owner marketing his property at an upscale resort in Mexico.


I used the exact words and benefits featured in the program to sell video services. “Have you ever thought of using video to promote your vacation destination?” Then I followed with all the stats that emphasize why video works.


You know what? He jumped on the opportunity in a heartbeat in exchange for a complimentary stay.


Tom didn’t leave anything out.


Next stop, Bella Sirena and the beautiful Sea of Cortez.“


Armed with a little insider know-how, you can do this.


It’s a clever investment because you’re basically paid to have fun whether you use it for full-time income or just an upgrade in your travel experiences.

Even real estate listings use these little videos now so I’ve added a section on that to the program.


And unlike other programs, you don’t have to invest a lot or wait a long time to see results. It’s pretty quick, and easy and you can start right there at home.

If you think this opportunity is for you, I’ve created a special page below that includes a breakdown of what you need -- including my Travel Videos for Profit program.


Click here to get started today


I’m not doing anything crazy or fancy. And in fact, if there’s a skill you need most, it’s the patience to sit in a café in Italy and film little video clips from your table. It’s to take a cruise down the Seine and film the view. It’s to sit on a mountaintop and wait for a hiker to break through the clouds.


It’s a no-brainer when you think about it because the sale of your very first video can more than pay for the program. And I’m happy to share my years of experience, my checklists, and blueprint for success… everything that already works for me, I’ll use to help you get that first sale.


Take a little time to learn this one simple skill, and you could launch a whole new travel filled, flexible income. One you’ll have for life.

Click on the orange button below, give it a risk-free try, and save $100 on my Travel Videos for Profit program - available here this week only…

To your fun travel adventures,

Tom Reissmann
Videographer and teacher.