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"Every Day Should be a Holiday"


I was born in East Germany and I have lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, US and Great Britain.


I have worked as a hostel manager in Auckland, New Zealand worked as travel consultant and customer service manager for responsibletravel.com in the United Kingdom.


While I enjoyed my free-spirited lifestyle as a globetrotter I decided to become a somewhat responsible adult when I hit 30 and realised I could combine my knowledge of tourism marketing and my filming and editing skills to create promotional videos for the tourism industry once broadband made videos popular on the internet. The idea was received with more enthusiasm than I had anticipated and within 3 months I was on the road, getting paid to film holidays in Southern Europe and Africa. I could finally fulfill my dream of going on a wildlife safari.


I have been a travel videographer for about 3 years now and I have gone on Safaris in the Selous Game Reserve and the Masai Mara, a self-drive holiday along the Garden Route, visited Wildlife Reserves near Kruger National Park, climbed Kilimanjaro, trekked the Atlas Mountains, did Yoga in Italy, walked in the Andalucian Mountains, sailed the Ionian Sea, stayed on mythical Ithaca, visited the Pyramids and sailed down the Nile. And since moving to Australia I have stayed in an up-market eco-resorts on Fraser Island, gone on 4WD camping trips in Tasmania and visited the most Northern tip of the continent, ridden in a helicopter, gone ballooning, swimming with dolphins and have had countless other incredible experiences that I will never forget.


I have gone on so many holidays that it would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars had I paid for it, but instead I got paid to go and did what I love to do, which is to film. I have literally been on holiday for the last 3 years and I have the videos to remind me of my adventures on my website: www.authenticholidayfilms.com


During my travels I have met many people telling me that I have got the ideal job and asking me how I came to do this work and my answer was always this: I created it for myself and I work free-lance, the emphasis being on free.


I believe in sharing the beauty and joy of life, which is why I film nature and people on holiday, and it’s also why I want to share this life-style with you. So if you enjoy filming as well as the creative process of editing and if you would like to get paid to go on your next holiday then this could be the beginning of your new career or just a way to go on the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. I am not telling you how to get rich fast but I can help you to lead the life-style of a millionaire.


I began as an amateur videographer, using a handy-cam, a tripod, a microphone and Final Cut Pro to edit. My first videos certainly look a little amateurish, but my contractors were happy and I was willing to improve and learn. So I gradually received bigger contracts, more money and worked for larger companies. In that sense I began like most other people shooting video and uploading them on youtube or sharing them with family and friends, except I now get paid for it.


I do have a background in Tourism, so I know about tourism marketing, but the basics are quickly understood and the emphasis is on shooting good footage and creative editing to sell the holidays you were contracted to film. So you can do it and I can help you on your way.


In my manual you will come to understand the basics of tourism marketing. You will learn how to shoot and edit effective and professional promotional videos for the tourism industry. You will learn how to sell your talent and skills to tourism companies and you will receive the contacts to get you started on your journey to being a successful travel videographer.


My Manual is not an in-depth course on videography, editing or tourism marketing, but rather a comprehensive overview of filming, editing and tourism marketing techniques that will prove useful in order for you to create videos that can sell holidays and get you to your dream destinations.


Whether you are already a professional videographer or you just have a camcorder and a computer, or perhaps you are an accommodation owner or operator or work for a company who could really benefit from video, you will find this manual very useful. Don’t be startled by the amount technical details as you can use the manual as a reference and return to it as you go through the process of creating effective and professional promotional holiday videos.


About Thomas Reissmann

Thomas has studied Tourism Mgt. in the UK and Australia.

He has been a customer service manager and travel consultant for responsibletravel.com in the Uk.

Thomas has been a travel videographer for 3 years and as worked with numerous small and large operators as well as resorts and hotels.

He has filmed holidays in Europe, Africa and Australia.


Some of the companies he has worked with:

Outback Regional Tourism

Organization of NSW

The Adventure Company

Kingfisher Bay Resort

Neilson Holidays

Wilderness Challenge

Baobab Travel


World Expeditions

Tasmanian Expeditions

The Fraser Island Company

Levendis Estate

Global Ballooning

Oz Tours

Ocean Hotels

Downunder Tours


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Munich, Germany

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