How to get started earning money with video:

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Although travel videography may appear to be a competitive industry it actually isn't so far, as there are very few people doing this freelance and most tourism companies have not yet used the potential of video, so I believe the market is in its infancy. The reason I encourage others to do this, is because as more people offer affordable video services to tourism companies,  it will eventually reach a tipping point and everyone in the tourism industry will want a video and the business will come back to me, while I have gained contacts with videographers around the world.

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Carlos Santos,  Cinematographer 
“A great and simple way to learn! A manual that helps you to get basic and important information that will improve your skills and will make you a more confident filmmaker, because to get the results you want, you need to understand the equipment that you are working with. Making a fantastic video that you and your clients will enjoy, needs to be a natural, fun and confident process, and in the end a wonderful experience!”
Fei Chen, China
“I love travelling and the idea of shooting video for tourism companies has never occurred to me, it's such an exciting and fun way to finance my travels. Now I can do expensive group tours and stay in really nice resorts and hotels. The manual is really easy to understand and fun to read as well. I really feel that with the information in the manual I can go out and try it myself, just using my Canon Camcorder and Movie Maker.“



Here is how I got started doing this:


I travelled to Venezuela in 1996 and to this day it has been one of my most memorable and enjoyable travel experiences. That sense of freedom, excitement, novelty, adventure and constant surprise is very addictive and when it came to deciding what to study the choice was easy. I studied Tourism Management in the Uk and Australia; did my work placement in South America and took on my first job as research assistant in Costa Rica. I interviewed people about the effects of tourism on their communities and was essentially a tourist with a pen.  I then worked as hostel manager in Auckland, and I wrote a couple of travel books about my experience in South America, which I published in India, and finally decided to become a responsible adult and took on a job as travel consultant in London and later Brighton. Naturally it wasn’t quite as much fun to sell people holidays, as it was to go on them. Particularly selling African safaris all day really wetted my apatite for a journey to the red continent, but I was also aware that these Safaris tended to be a bit on the expensive side, so I knew this wasn’t particularly realistic for someone with the income of a travel consultant.


Yet whether I liked it or not I still had the travel bug, ten years after my first travel experience, and as much as I tried I couldn’t shake it, but I also felt I needed a purpose and an occupation supporting my travels. I had been creating travel videos for a while, merely for family and friends, and while they really enjoyed my videos, I could never really see any commercial value in this hobby. However, witnessing the emergence of web-video as a result of broadband and youtube and being aware of the challenges facing tourism companies in marketing an intangible product to an increasingly internet-savvy public, I put two and two together and thought I could get paid going on safari and creating promotional videos for safari company websites. I presented the idea to my manager at, a company that represents hundreds of companies selling thousands of holidays worldwide and I thought he might tell me to keep dreaming but instead he was very supportive and excited about the idea and actually commissioned an IT company to create a tailor-made video-player.


So I started with a couple of local trips to Wales and then Italy and finally went to Egypt to film a family holiday. I did not get paid yet but I got a free holiday, which I was more than happy with. It was like winning a holiday; everything was paid for, and I got to see Egypt, a long-time dream of mine, while filming people having a great time. I absolutely loved my first experience of being a travel videographer.


As a result I had three sample videos to present to potential customers and then I started selling and within a very short time I had mapped out an itinerary that would take me from Spain to Portugal, then Greece and Morocco and eventually down to Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. Best of all I was going to get paid to do the safaris I had always dreamed of going on. I still can’t describe the joy of seeing my first giraffe in the wild, witnessing and filming a lion feast, capturing a leopard guarding its prey on a tree and a whole herd of Elephants crossing the road with snow-capped Kilimanjaro in the background. Also filming all of this only added to the joy because it’s a bit like being a hunter, except I was shooting with a Canon. I also knew I would be able to share my images with thousands of people who will watch my videos on youtube and the company website. I could also help promote tourism that actually benefits communities, and I felt that my work was useful to people in the business of fostering appreciation for nature, other people’s cultures and the beauty of Africa.


I have been a travel videographer for about three years now and I have gone on Safaris in the Selous and the Masai Mara, a self-drive holiday along the Garden Route, visited Wildlife Reserves at Kruger National Park, climbed Kilimanjaro, trekked the Atlas Mountains, did Yoga in Italy, walked in the Andalucian Mountains, sailed the Ionian Sea, stayed on mythical Ithaca, visited the Pyramids and sailed down the Nile. Since moving to Australia I have stayed in up-market eco-resorts on Fraser Island, gone on 4WD camping trips in Tasmania and visited the most Northern tip of the continent, ridden in a helicopter, gone ballooning, swum with dolphins and have had countless other incredible experiences that I will never forget.


I have gone on so many holidays that it would have cost around a hundred thousand dollars had I paid for it, but instead I got paid to go and did what I love to do, which is to film. I have literally been on holiday for the last 3 years and I have the videos to remind me of my adventures on my website:


During my travels I have met many people telling me that I really have got the ideal job and asking me how I came to do this work and my answer was always this: I created it for myself and I work free-lance, the emphasis being on free.


I believe in sharing the beauty and joy of life, which is why I film nature and people on holiday and it’s also why I want to share this life-style with you. So if you enjoy filming as well as the creative process of editing and if you would like to get paid to go on your next holiday then this could be the beginning of your new career or just a way to go on the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. I am not telling you how to get rich fast but I can help you to lead the life-style of a millionaire.


I began as an amateur videographer, using a camcorder, a tripod, a mic and Final Cut Pro to edit. My first videos certainly look a little amateurish, but my contractors were happy and I was willing to improve and learn. So I gradually received bigger contracts, more money and worked for larger companies. In that sense I began like most other people shooting videos and uploading them on youtube or sharing them with family and friends, except I now get paid for it.


I do have a background in tourism, so I know about tourism marketing, but the basics are quickly understood and the emphasis is on shooting good footage and creative editing to sell the holidays you were contracted to film. So you can do it and I can help you on your way.


In the following book you will come to understand the basics of tourism marketing. You will learn how to shoot and edit effective and professional promotional videos for the tourism industry. You will learn how to sell your talent and skills to tourism companies and you will receive the contacts to get you started on your journey to being a successful travel videographer.


My manual is not an in-depth course on videography, editing or tourism marketing, but rather a comprehensive overview of filming, editing and tourism marketing techniques that will prove useful in order for you to create videos that can sell holidays and get you to your dream destinations.


Whether you are already a professional videographer or you just have a camcorder and a computer, or perhaps you are an accommodation owner or operator or work for a company who could really benefit from video, you will find this manual very useful.