The Grizzly Truth - documentary about grizzly hunting and grizzly bears

Documentary that scrutinizes the motivations and arguments for grizzly bear hunting, while dispelling the myth of the dangerous and ferocious grizzly bear. Experts from both sides of the argument discuss the myths and the facts in an effort to arrive at The Grizzly Truth.

First Nations, environmentalists, scientists and ecotourism operators are fighting a battle to ban the grizzly hunt in British Columbia, while grizzly hunting may soon become a reality in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as grizzly bears are delisted from the Endangered Species Act.

The Grizzly Truth investigates the controversy over grizzly hunting and closely scrutinizes all of the arguments brought forward by hunting organizations. It also takes a closer look at the conflict between hunters and bear viewing operations and dispels the myth of the dangerous and ferocious grizzly bear.

Charlie Russell, who is best known for living with grizzly bears in Russia for ten years, was friends with Timothy Treadwell and did more than anyone to keep him alive but is now sadly compared to Timothy. Both Charlie and Timothy wanted to show that grizzly bears are not dangerous animals but their message has been skewed by the media and Werner Herzog’s documentary Grizzly Man. The Grizzly Truth reveals the last moments of Timothy Treadwell’s death as Charlie Russell reads the transcript of the “death” tape that was never played in Grizzly Man.